How to Help a Dog with Arthritis at Home
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How to Help a Dog with Arthritis at Home

Arthritis in dogs is a debilitating condition that gradually takes away the joy from our beloved canine’s life, limiting their ability to move freely. And as much we hate to see them in such a shape, there is only so much we can do about it. Of course, seeing an expert is a must, but there are few other things that you can do to ease their suffering. 

But before we act on a problem, we should know why it happens in the first place. Here are some of the common reasons for arthritis in dogs. 

  • Obesity: Overweight dogs tend to develop arthritis more often than dogs with a good body weight ratio. The larger breeds such as Labrador retrievers, Golden retrievers, German shepherds, and Rottweilers are more susceptible to arthritis and mobility-related conditions. 
  • Aging: As your canines grow older, the cartilage within the joint gives into the years of wear and tear and eventually gets damaged. It makes the joint bones rub against each other, causing friction which slowly damages the bones.
  • Injuries: If your dog has suffered a fracture or a ruptured ligament, it can be one of the possible reasons your dog has developed arthritis. And as mentioned earlier, the damaged joints are not able to cope up with the daily stress.
  • Genetics: Sometimes you can only wonder why. Dogs, just like us humans, are at the mercy of fate and can inherit arthritis genetically or from their families. 
  • Hyperactivity: Dogs are best when they are funny, running around spreading joy in your life. But this hyperactivity catches up to them when they grow older and becomes the reason for the Arthritis. 

So if you have a canine who goes to battle with arthritis each coming day, it is up to you to become their reinforcement and take care of them with utmost dedication. And you can do that by making minor alterations to their environment, eating habits and by committing yourself to help them live a pain-free life. Although you may want to see them recover immediately with invasive surgeries, treatments, etc., that may not always end up well, and in some cases, even worsen the problem.

We have listed a few ways you can manage your dog’s arthritis at home. Which are: 

1.Reduce Weight: The first objective should be to get rid of the extra pounds! By shedding those extra pounds that came with treats, and food indulgences can help take the excess load off the dog’s legs, which helps ease the arthritis-related pain and make moving around easier.

2. Physical Exercise: If you visit any trusted vet nearby you, they will advise physical therapy for the dog as the primary solution. Physical exercise not only helps reduce weight but triggers recovery to some extent. Make sure your four-legged friend gets some light strolls and activities such as swimming. The constant movement of joints keeps the joint from seizing up completely. 

3. Administer a Nutritious Diet: Healthy-Nutrition diet, which is protein and natural fiber-rich is not only good for your dog’s bones health but overall well-being, including mental health. To begin with, including an omega-3 fatty acid-rich diet and natural whole grains is a great start. Proteins play a vital role in dog arthritis as it promotes muscle strength which supports joints. And even if your dog does not suffer from arthritis, a healthy diet can go a long way in making your dog’s life better.  

4.Make Them a Cushiony Bed: If your dog sleeps on a hard surface, get them a padded bed. Dogs with Arthritis need extra care. The hard surface they sleep on will only further aggravate the problems as their hurting bones rub against the hard surfaces. Online e-commerce portals such as Amazon have many orthopedic dog beds that help support the joints and bones. Investing in one can help your dog with Arthritis and help them snore the pain away.  

5.Arthritis Dog-Friendly home improvements: Unfortunately, there is no so-called ‘best arthritis medicine for dogs’ that can make the condition go away magically. It requires patience and hard work. Older dogs with Arthritis find it hard to get around stairs or hardwood or even to get on the beds. Installing ramps to make climbing easy, reimposing slip-free flooring mats on slippery tiles, or using rugs instead help as well. The idea is to create an arthritis conducive environment for your dogs. 

6.It’s payback time with a massage: Dogs are the symbol of unconditional love, and they deserve some of it back, especially when they need us. And a dog suffering from arthritis can do with a light-handed message which is a great way to promote flexibility and release the stiffness due to lack of movement.

Last but most important of all is…take your dog to a reliable Animal PT who specializes in treating Arthritis. Physical therapy has proven ways to improve arthritis in dogs. Moreover, expert guidance and care are essential to your pet’s recovery.  So, before anything else, talk to an experienced Animal PT to start the journey to their recovery.  

As they say, precaution is better than cure; keeping a close check and being vigilant about your dog’s health can help them lead a fuller life. And even though Arthritis in dogs is a common problem, particularly in large breeds or old dogs, identifying the arthritis symptoms in dogs early, helps minimize the suffering.