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Josh Hall

Physical Therapy For Amputated Dogs

Amputated dogs have a long road to recovery. But canine physical therapy is one way to speed up the process. It works the same for dogs as it works for humans. With the correct techniques, guidance, and carefully curated rehabilitation process, you will soon see positive results. This article explores physical therapy exercises that help

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Living with Three-Legged Dogs

Three-legged dogs or Tripawds are no different from other dogs. They display the same level of enthusiasm. But they need a little more supervision than other dogs. If you have your heart set on a three-legged companion or your pet is about to undergo surgery for the same, this article can guide you on how

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Canine Physical Therapy Post Surgery

In this article, we explore how physical therapy boosts your dog’s recovery post-surgery. As with humans, dogs require much more than rest alone to recover from physical and mental trauma post-surgery. While surgeries relieve the dogs of various problems such as arthritis, fractures, ACL ruptures, spinal issues, etc., they leave them in stress, pain, and

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Physical Therapy for dogs: Understanding its various modalities

Physical therapy or rehabilitation for dogs works the same way physical therapy works for humans. Physical therapy for canines employs various therapeutic techniques that facilitate healing in dogs, helping them recover from diseases affecting their joints and muscles. Physical therapy aims to reduce the pain stemming from joint and muscle problems and increase mobility in

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How to help a dog with IVDD

Ways you can improve the quality of life of a dog suffering from IVDD Let’s begin by understanding what is IVDD or Intervertebral disc disease. IVDD is a degenerative disease that affects dogs’ spinal cord, causing pain and mobility issues. The cushioning discs that cushion the spinal vertebrae and the bones surrounding the spinal vertebrae

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