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The Disk Is Not The End: IVDD, Disc Herniations, & Back Pain In Dogs

Does your dog have back pain, or been diagnosed with IVDD or a disc herniation? Were you told that surgery or pain medication is the only option? You’re not alone, read on for real more natural solutions.

Intervertebral disk disease (IVDD) is the most common cause of spinal injury in dogs. Intervertebral disks act as cushions or shock absorbers in between the vertebrae of the spine, just as in humans. Sometimes an injury or degeneration can occur, which leads the intervertebral disk of the dog to push on the nerve. The more pressure on the nerve the more serious the injury and the more decreased the dogs’ function will be. IVDD in dogs may also be referred to as a herniated disc or slipped disc in the dog. This is not much different than a human that herniates a disc. Certain breeds are at higher risk due to their structure. IVDD is most common in short legged breads, such as dachsunds, shih tzus, beagles, etc. Due to being bred for their short stature, they are more susceptible to degeneration and injury of the disk.

In my experience, owners are often told that pain meds or surgery is the only real option. This is simply not the case. Canine or dog physical therapy is a real and very powerful solution for IVDD, disc herniation or simply just back pain in dogs. To be quite frank, this is what got Salt Lake Animal Physical Therapy started. One day I got a call from a friend, she said “Josh, I need your help. My dog Mylo has IVDD and disc herniations. I’ve been told Mylo only has a few months left, he’s in pain and barely able to walk. You’re my last option.” No pressure right! I had taken the canine physical therapy training but not yet started Salt Lake Animal Physical Therapy. To make a long story short after about 5 treatments Mylo was walking completely normal and she was ecstatic. This was my first experience with a dog with Intervertebral disc disease, disc herniations, and back pain. To be quite frank the results were amazing and quite shocking to even me. That’s when I knew “there’s something really powerful here.” An option that isn’t pain meds or surgery, an option that naturally and absolutely works. Her friends and family were so thrilled that they began telling everyone. The phone starting ringing and I knew it was time. Thus out of a case of a dog with IVDD or disc herniations Salt Lake Animal Physical Therapy was born. (See video below for Mylo’s story)

This is not a one and done case either. I have seen many of them. Currently I am working with a dog named Cookie. When I met Cookie’s owners they said “we were told that he would be paralyzed and that surgery or putting him down was the only real option.” They couldn’t afford the $6,000 surgery, but were put in contact with a group called Wild Hearts who offered to sponsor some physical therapy. The first visit Cookie came in on a wheel cart for his hind legs, due to not being able to walk. By visit 3 he was walking on his own and even began going up and down stairs. He continues to progress and walk better with each passing day. It really is nothing short of miraculous. Of course every dog and every case is not the same, but there is so much that canine physical therapy can do for a dog like this, as well as many other conditions. I am so glad that Cookie’s owners didn’t give up on him. He’s a walking miracle! Check out Cookie’s before dog physical therapy and after videos below.