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Dog physical therapy

Physical Therapy For Amputated Dogs

Amputated dogs have a long road to recovery. But canine physical therapy is one way to speed up the process. It works the same for dogs as it works for humans. With the correct techniques, guidance, and carefully curated rehabilitation process, you will soon see positive results. This article explores physical therapy exercises that help …

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Living with Three-Legged Dogs

Three-legged dogs or Tripawds are no different from other dogs. They display the same level of enthusiasm. But they need a little more supervision than other dogs. If you have your heart set on a three-legged companion or your pet is about to undergo surgery for the same, this article can guide you on how …

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Does My Dog Need Physical Therapy?

If you are here, it probably means you are seeking help for your dog with visible physical discomfort. But even if you live with a doggo who seems just fine physically, you may still want to read through this. Why because sometimes even healthy-active dogs too may need physical therapy. And recognizing warning signs early …

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